The Most Ridiculous Ecig Lawsuit We’ve Ever Seen

This week, news broke that a California man is suing Lorillard because he claims they falsely represented Blu ecigs as a safer alternative than tobacco cigarettes. Plaintiff Larry Diek filed a 50-page complaint with the Orange County Superior Court. He claims that he never would have started vaping the Blu ecigs if he had known the truth about their potential side effects. Diek claimed that Blu represents the ecigs as “safer” and “healthier” but he now believes the ecigs contain “a concoction of chemicals toxic to human cells.”

Diek points to several studies in the lawsuit, but he places special emphasis on research from the University of California Riverside. This study revealed that ecig aerosols contain small particles of toxic metals. Since then, follow up studies have repeatedly clarified that ecigs are much safer than tobacco cigarettes and there is no risk from secondhand vapor. Even firsthand exposure to ecig vapor is less harmful than secondhand smoke from cigarettes.

While Blu never claimed that ecigs were safer than cigarettes, the truth is they are a much safer alternative. That makes this lawsuit down right frivolous and a poorly planned money grab at best. Unfortunately, Diek’s train of thought is not that uncommon. As the CDC constantly pushes out poorly researched information warning about the harms of ecigs, people are starting to worry that vaping might be dangerous. Everyone is ignoring science and opting to listen to the fear mongering that continuously circulates through the media.

If ecigs were truly as damaging as cigarettes, the FDA would certainly have jumped in to take fast action to squash the vaping movement before it ever really started. Instead, they have wavered on regulatory proposals repeatedly and can’t seem to make a decision one or the other.

Do you think we will see more lawsuits like this in the future? Does Diek have any chance of winning a settlement from Blu ecigs or will this be quickly dismissed when it reaches a real courtroom?

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