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Vape coils are wires that have been warped by force into coils. They hold the wick material together and go on top of the atomizer. They generate heat by forcing the electrical current to wind up around the coils and give off energy in the form of heat. In essence, the coils resist the current, and since the power has nowhere to go, heat creates in the center of the coils.

Also called atomizer heads, the vape coils come in different materials; some of the most common you might find include ceramic, mesh, titanium, stainless steel, kanthal, nickel, and nichrome. The different types of material offer different results, but it comes down to whether the coils create a lower or higher resistance.

The coils’ resistance is determined by how many wraps of wire there are, the wire’s gauge, and the material used to make the wire. A lower resistance creates more massive clouds of vapor, a drier throat hit, and warmer vapor. A higher resistance creates smaller clouds, cooler vapor, and more battery life.

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