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Vape Replacement Glass Wholesale

Keep your vape shop equipped with durable replacement glass. Explore our wholesale selection for the best brands and styles.

What is a Replacement Glass?

Replacement glass refers to the glass component of the vape tank, designed as a spare part in case of damage or loss of the original piece. It's a standard feature included with sub-ohm tanks, ensuring vapers can easily replace damaged or missing glass to keep their tanks functional. Most vape tank manufacturers offer replacement glass pieces alongside their tank products.

Types of Replacement Glass

Replacement glass pieces for sub-ohm tanks typically share similarities in design but may vary in size and shape. Common shapes include cylindrical and bubble-shaped, with the latter increasing the tank's capacity without altering its size. While differences may seem minimal, it's crucial to select replacement glass specifically made for the tank model to ensure a proper fit.

How to Install Replacement Glass

Installing replacement glass is a straightforward process that involves removing the old glass (if applicable) and securely screwing the new glass piece into the tank's stainless steel structure. Once attached, users can reassemble the tank by screwing the top piece back on. This simple procedure ensures seamless functionality of the tank without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Who Should Buy Replacement Glass?

It's advisable for all vapers using sub-ohm tanks to have a spare replacement glass on hand to preemptively address any potential damage or loss. Waiting until the original glass is damaged or lost can disrupt vaping activities, as the glass is essential for containing vape juice within the tank. By purchasing replacement glass preventatively, vapers can ensure uninterrupted vaping experiences and avoid the inconvenience of searching for replacement parts during emergencies.

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