Vape Coils Wholesale

Vape coils are wires that have been warped by force into coils. They hold the wick material together and go on top of the atomizer. They generate heat by forcing the electrical current to wind up around the coils and give off energy in the form of heat. In essence, the coils resist the current, and since the power has nowhere to go, heat creates in the center of the coils. 

Also called atomizer heads, the vape coils come in different materials; some of the most common you might find include ceramic, mesh, titanium, stainless steel, kanthal, nickel, and nichrome. The different types of material offer different results, but it comes down to whether the coils create a lower or higher resistance.

The coils’ resistance is determined by how many wraps of wire there are, the wire’s gauge, and the material used to make the wire. A lower resistance creates more massive clouds of vapor, a drier throat hit, and warmer vapor. A higher resistance creates smaller clouds, cooler vapor, and more battery life. 

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What Are Vape Coils?

Vape coils are the parts in vape devices responsible for evaporating vape juice and creating the vapor you inhale. They can be made from different materials but their function is always the same. They are found inside vape tanks and vape pods, which are usually attached to vape devices. Prebuilt coils are the most common coils used in vaping and the most commonly found inside vape tanks. However, vape coils can also be built by customers and usually these homemade coils require wicking material and special vape tanks called rebuildables that come with building decks where the coils are inserted. All coils need to be replaced eventually, whether they are homemade or prefabricated.

How To Use Vape Coils

Vape coils are easy to use. We’ll talk about prebuilt coils first since these are the most popular. With prebuilt coils, all your customers have to do is prime them. To do this, they need to take them off the vape tanks and add vape juice into the slots of cotton (or wicking material) found in the coils. Once the cotton openings have been soaked in vape juice, they have to put the coil back into the vape tank and wait about 15 minutes, so the coil is completely saturated. Before putting the coils back, the customer should take note of the recommended wattage the coil uses; this is usually found engraved in the middle of the coil. Finally, assuming the customer has already filled the vape tank with vape juice and chosen the correct wattage stated in the coils, all they have to do is turn on the box mod and inhale the vapor created by the coils.

Homemade coils require more steps to be used, beginning with finding the right metal, adjusting the wraps of wire to create the desired resistance, fitting them into the posts of rebuildable vape tanks, and placing the wicking material (usually Japanese cotton) through the middle of the coils. Homemade coils are more complicated to use and require research and hours of practice to be used.

How Long Does a Vape Coil Last?

The most common answer is between one and four weeks. But it all depends on the type of vaper using the coil, how often he vapes, if he cleans his device, and even what types of vape juices he uses (nic salts or traditional vape juice). There are many other factors at play that dictate how long a coil will last, but even for the most careful vaper, a coil will always need to be replaced at some point.

Recommendations for the Best Vape Coils

There are many types of coils nowadays that serve different purposes. There are vape coils for flavor, fcloud production, and even coils that have long lifespans. You should also be aware that some vape tanks use specific vape coils, which means not all coils can be used with any vape tanks. So the best vape coils depend on what you are looking for and what type of vape tank your customers own.

What if I Want To Buy Vape Coils in Bulk?

At VapeRanger, we only sell vape coils wholesale and in bulk. As one of the largest distributors of vape goods in the United States, we marry competitive prices with outstanding products to bring you more than 20,000 vape goods to stock in your vape shop. From vape devices and vape juices to synthetic nicotine products, we have the best brands the market has to offer. Currently, we sell 400+ types of vape coils from brands like FreeMax, SMOK, VooPoo, GeekVape, Uwell, and many others.

What Are the Advantages of Vape Coils?

Since the most common type of coil is prefabricated, or ready-made coils, their advantages are many. For example, ready-made coils, as their name states, come ready to be used right out of the box while homemade coils need to be made from scratch. This is way more time-consuming and requires hours of practice to get the shape and the wraps just right. Prefabricated coils might be more expensive, but you’ll always get top performance from these coils, while the performance of homemade coils depends largely on the building skills of the one building the coils. Premade vape coils also come with the wicking material already inside, while with homemade coils you need to buy the wicking material separately.


How To Build Vape Coils

Vape coils are difficult but not impossible to build. If your customers are interested in building their own vape coils, we suggest they first buy a rebuildable vape tank atomizer. These vape tanks come with two posts where you can insert your homemade coils. Next, we would say they need to buy a spool of kanthal resistance wire and wicking cotton. Finally, a coil building kit is a great investment that comes with the actual tools they will need to build and create their own coils. Since the actual building and installation of coils is a multistep process, we recommend that your customers check out blogs, tutorials, and videos on how to build coils once you have all the tools and equipment needed.

How Do Vape Coils Work?

The way coils work is simple: When the firing button is pressed, the battery generates an electric current that is sent to the coils. The coils, which have a spiral shape, resist the current since the current has to wrap around the rings of the coil. With nowhere to go, the electric current turns into heat in the center or in the rings of the coil. This heat warms up the wicking material which is full of vape juice, evaporating the vape juice and generating vapor.