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Pods also are small-sized capsules that hold e-liquid. Replacement pods come in two categories: Refillable pods that can be used multiple times allow them to fill the pods with different e-liquids. Regular pods that come prefilled with a specific flavor can’t be opened and must be thrown away after the e-juice is gone. Most pods hold about 2.5ml of e-liquid. 

Replacement pods are an absolute necessity for people with pod systems. Even if you have an open pod system that comes with refillable pods, you’ll sooner or later need to replace them as well. Since most pod systems have a specific design, replacement pods are made by the same manufacturer of the pod system almost all of the time. 

Some of the best selling brands of replaceable pods we have include Juul Vapor, SMOK, Smoking Vapor, Suorin, Vaporesso, Boulder E-Cigs, Aspire Vape Co, VooPoo, among many others.

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Vape Replacement Pods & Cartridges Distributor | VapeRanger Wholesale

Replacement pods and pod cartridges were designed to provide a convenient way for frequent vapers to ‘refill’ their tanks on reusable vape batteries without having to actually refill a tank and bear with the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a tank.

What Is a Replacement Pod?

A replacement pod is a uniquely designed cartridge that only fits certain vape pen designs. Unlike standard 510 threaded carts, pods are made by specific brands so that consumers can use them with the devices the brand sells.

How To Use Replacement Pods?

A pod cartridge is actually quite easy to use. After opening the packaging, the user must take the pod and insert, thread, or latch it onto the opening where the tank should go on the vape pen.

How Long Does a Product Last?

Like disposable vape pens, a vape pod cartridge can last from 3-5 days, sometimes more, sometimes less. It will ultimately depend on the size of the pod being used and on the consumption frequency of the user that owns it.

Recommendations To Get the Best Replacement Pods

Great replacement pods for vape pens are, no doubt, manufactured by the best vape brands. A great vape pod will only be as good as the vape battery used to vaporize the e-juice in its tank. All this you can find right here if you register for a wholesale account with VapeRanger.

What if You Want to Buy Products in Bulk?

Register for a wholesale account with VapeRanger to gain access to bulk replacement pods at the best wholesale prices.

Make sure you provide as much information as possible so we can review and approve your account faster.

Pods vs Cartridges

Cartridges and pods share the same design concept; a pre-filled tank with a mouthpiece that can be used to latch onto a rechargeable vape battery.

Cartridges are usually made to fit 510-threaded batteries, which make them the option for standard designs, while pods are designed to fit specific vape pen designs and are usually unique to a single vape brand.

In some cases, replacement pods and cartridges may also be refillable.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Replacement Pods?


  • Portability: Replacement pods are easy to carry around.
  • Convenience: Not having to refill provides added convenience.
  • Price: Pod systems are rarely expensive in comparison to other devices.


  • Shorter Battery Life: Pod systems usually have shorter battery life.
  • Non-Cloud Chasing: Pod system batteries don’t usually carry enough power to produce great, thick clouds.
  • Flavor Limitations: Because they come in individual cases, it’s possible that certain flavors are not found in replacement pods.

Choose a Flavor Depending on Personalities or Needs

Buying bulk replacement pods enables you to provide a large variety of flavors to your clients in a product format where it would otherwise be difficult to find variety in.


Can You Buy Replacement Pods?

Yes, you can buy replacement pre-filled pods right here on VapeRanger.com

Why Do You Need Replacement Pods?

Replacement pods are needed by clients when they are disposable pods that come prefilled or when they are refillable pods and they need a new one to replace a damaged unit.

Do Replacement Pods Come With Coils?

Pods do not come with coils themselves. Pods hold the vape juice that is then vaporized by the coils attached to the battery in the vaporizer.