Vape Replacement Pods and Cartridges Wholesale

Pods also are small-sized capsules that hold e-liquid. Replacement pods come in two categories: Refillable pods that can be used multiple times allow them to fill the pods with different e-liquids. Regular pods that come prefilled with a specific flavor can’t be opened and must be thrown away after the e-juice is gone. Most pods hold about 2.5ml of e-liquid. 

Replacement pods are an absolute necessity for people with pod systems. Even if you have an open pod system that comes with refillable pods, you’ll sooner or later need to replace them as well. Since most pod systems have a specific design, replacement pods are made by the same manufacturer of the pod system almost all of the time. 

Some of the best selling brands of replaceable pods we have include Juul Vapor, SMOK, Smoking Vapor, Suorin, Vaporesso, Boulder E-Cigs, Aspire Vape Co, VooPoo, among many others.

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