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Guest Blogging for Vape Shops: What It Brings to Your Vape Shop | VapeRanger

Guest Blogging for Vape Shops: What It Brings to Your Vape Store

It’s not uncommon to hear about how guest blogging has been a game-changer for dozens of vape shops. It’s equally common to be confused by it.

Deciding on a guest blogging strategy that makes sense for your business can be challenging, but we promise to go through the stepping stones and basics you need to cover. This article covers where to start, what steps to take, and how to approach guest blogging for your vape shop.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Vape Guest Blogging
  2. Why Set Up a Vape Guest Blog?
  3. How to Accommodate Guest Blogging to Your Vape Shop
  4. How does Vape Guest Blogging Work?
  5. How to Attract Guest Bloggers
  6. Vape Guest Posting Guidelines
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

What is Vape Guest Blogging?

The idea behind guest blogging is straightforward. A guest blog is a digital space where writers worldwide can submit and get their topic ideas published. Brands, retailers, and manufacturers set up a guest blog to attract organic online traffic to their website.

Look at guest blogging from two different perspectives- the writers and the guest blog owners. Both of them are equally important since the success of one will determine the success of the other.

What is Vape Guest Blogging? | VapeRanger

As a guest blog owner, you must guarantee that your guest blog will provide specific benefits to your guest blogger's career. This action will ensure that you don't run out of content creators, ideas, and material to publish on your blog.

Also, attracting the attention of more and more industry bloggers will eventually result in higher quality content. Hence, more searches leading to your website and, ultimately, more clients.

If you are acting in the blogger's shoes, then the idea is to apply as a guest blogger to other websites that host a guest blog. If your content provides high-quality information that adds value to the reader, they will likely want to find out who you are and click on your company website.

This will lead the reader from vape related publications with a broad reader outreach back to your website, where you will then attempt to convert them into buying customers.

Why Set Up a Vape Guest Blog?

We might have partially answered this question away already, but the real answer is not just about the mere importance of organic traffic. However, that's where we'll start.

If you or your business have an online presence, it means that you're trying to reach out to a portion of your stakeholders digitally. Most likely to your clients, or your potential clients, for that matter.

Sure, vaping is a physical act, but vapers are a mostly digitally-minded audience. Hence, their shopping habits are as well. This is something that you'll want to explore and eventually utilize. Vape guest blogging is where you want to start.

When potential buyers log online, they are actively searching for content that appeals to them. Much like you and this blog post you're reading. But in your case, you'll be adjusting your content to buyers looking to purchase vaping products.

Once your content is adjusted to fit your potential buyer's web searches, not only will you be creating content that entertains your existing audience, but you'll also be expanding your client base. You can do it all from the comfort of your desk chair.

Your goal should be to create as much relevant content as possible that evolves and adapts to your client base's needs and interests.

But there's a catch:

Creating a digital vape blog is relatively easy. Creating a landing page for your blog should not be a significant challenge if you already have a website.

The main challenge is finding the right industry experts willing to create content for you. Sure, you can hire experts who write for you daily, but this is not always the best way to do it, especially if you're starting your vaping business.

That's why we're specifically referring to guest blogging for vape shops. The key lies in the word 'guest.'

Why Set Up a Vape Guest Blog? | VapeRanger

There's a high probability that you don't have the expertise or the time necessary to write your content. And if you're thinking about hiring full-time writers, chances are you'll find that the budget exceeds what you've budgeted.

Vape guest bloggers are industry experts that make a living from freelance writing for companies like yours. Sure, they charge a hefty premium when the content is high-end, but paying by word count rather than hours is often a fair trade-off for new businesses. You get all the content you need written by an industry expert and don't have to expand your payroll.

Running a vape shop or launching a vape brand are not easy tasks. Competition is intense, and the maintenance costs can be relatively high. Trust us, we would know.

Using as many tools and channels to get your brand name out there and directly reaching your clientele is a good idea. Quick growth is crucial, and the internet makes it a lot easier to market your brand.

In a nutshell, the reasons why you want to build your own vape guest blogging space are:

1. Increase organic traffic

2. Industry experts write high-quality content for your brand

3. Low cost

How to Accommodate Guest Blogging to Your Vape Shop

If you already have a website or some online presence that defines your brand, then accommodating a guest blogging strategy should not be problematic. Here’s how to do guest blogging in 6 easy steps:

1. Define your blog’s audience (buyer personas, etc.)

2. Define your guest blog post guidelines and topic structure (informative, educational, commercially minded, etc.)

3. Define the content topics (Vape News, E-liquid Reviews, Political Issues in the Vape Industry, Vape Medical Research, etc.)

4. Build a landing page on your website for your blog

5. Reach out to guest blogging services and industry expert copywriters

6. Start publishing content

If you follow these six straightforward guest blogging best practices, you should be well on your way to starting your very own vape guest blog.

How does Vape Guest Blogging Work?

We’re sure you’ve heard about the google search algorithm before. If you haven’t, then all you have to know is that it is the feature that defines whether your guest blogging strategy pays off or not.

The google search algorithm decides the type of content that pops up on a google search and the order in which it does. In other words, the google search algorithm will define your guest blogging strategy.

Once you’ve adapted to it, the idea is that your guest blog posts show up on the first page or even in the first few positions of your targeted google search intentions. This action is called content marketing.

Another critical aspect of a good guest blogging strategy is link building. By reaching out to other publications or websites you can synergistically work with, you might attract additional traffic that doesn’t necessarily come from google searches.

This applies whether you’re taking the role of the blogger or the blog owner.

How to Attract Guest Bloggers

How to Attract Guest Bloggers? | VapeRanger

Tell them what you’re offering them in exchange. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is interested in creating content in exchange for money. More often than not, bloggers are just looking to expand their client outreach, and your vape business website might be the way to do it. Some of the things that you might want to highlight to your potential guest bloggers are:

1. International outreach

2. An experienced editorial team to work with and learn from

3. An appealing company culture

4. Be clear about how they may apply and your blogger criteria

If you’re looking to take a different approach and post your content on renowned industry publications that could generate leads to your website, then the same basic rules apply. You might be writing your content, but chances are you’ve opted to hire freelancer writers that create content for you.

In that case, reshare their content and reach out to the publications that interest you.

Vape Guest Posting Guidelines

You will define your guest blog post guidelines, but here are a few common features to bear in mind:

1. Unique and High-Quality Content

Make sure that every single blog post you publish or submit for publication on other platforms is unique.

2. Linking

If you have a blog set up, make sure that your writers are only linking to authoritative sources, generating authority on your blog and content.

3. Vape Reviews

Be completely honest and neutral when writing a vape review. Don’t adopt an overly commercial voice. This tone generates distrust and may bore the reader.

4. Abuse

Instruct your writers to be professional and abstain from potentially offending the reader. An offended reader is one that won’t convert into a customer. Of course, the nature of what is ‘offensive’ will depend on your audience and brand identity.

5. Media

Make your content feel dynamic. Add videos and images that illustrate your point further and give the reader a chance to feel entertained.

6. Social Media

A good guest blogging strategy pairs well with an excellent social media marketing strategy. Share your content on social media and get it out there. Let your audiences know you have expertise on the subject!

7. Frequency of Posting

Establish a frequency goal and create a schedule that allows you to track your progress.

8. Follow Proper Blog Post Structure

You might notice that this blog post has headers and subheaders, which is part of our content structure and directly affects our google search results. The same goes for your content.


The strategy that adapts the most to your vape business will depend on what your goals are. If you want to generate organic traffic, it might benefit you in creating your blog and becoming an authoritative source of information in the industry. If you are writing your content, then guest posting on other publications could make sense but will not generate leads as fast as having a blog hosted by your business.

Regardless of how your guest blogging strategy looks, the end goal is always the same- generating new leads.


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