• 11 Reasons You Should Stop Smoking

    Posted by Ariana Morck

    11 Reasons You Should Stop Smoking And Should Switch To Vaping


    If you are considering making the switch from smoking tobacco to using a vape, it can often be difficult to find out if it's actually going to be worth it. For instance, what are the actual benefits of using an e-cig over using tobacco? To help you make this choice we have compiled some of the top reasons for making the switch.


    Safety against serious diseases


    The first thing most people think about when they are considering about switching to vaping are the health benefits associated with it. Recent reports have shown that electric cigarettes are at least 95% safer than general tobacco use.


    Smoking-related illnesses cause a considerable amount of deaths every year across the world. Cigarettes contain approximately 3000 - 4000 different chemicals, which 70 are known to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing). E-cigarettes only contain a very small amount of these chemicals and have none of the carcinogens that are found in tobacco. A recent study has found that the more popular vaping has become, the less amount of people are getting lung cancer. This is likely one of the main reasons people decide to make the switch, and the results don't lie.


    Safety against fire


    Apart from the obvious health risks that have been spoken of above, there is also the fire hazard concern to consider as well. Of all the fire-related deaths and incidents in dwellings across the world, a large proportion of these were caused by smoking paraphernalia.


    E-cigarettes are of course a safer choice as they are not ignited. There is also very low chance of them accidentally starting a fire. However, it's important that you charge your device correctly, as well as to store your batteries safely.



    Vape anytime, anywhere


    Most countries have a ban on smoking indoors in public places, but this does not apply to e-cigarettes. You will be allowed to satisfy your nicotine urges without having to leave the comfort of whatever building you’re in.


    However, some companies and organizations have recently prohibited the use of vapor devices on their premises. It's always a good idea to check with staff members before using your vape.


    Save money


    The money you will save from switching from smoking cigarettes to using an electric cigarette is certainly undeniable. The cost of smoking has never been higher, and it will likely continue to rise in the coming years as they will be taxed a lot more. For the average vape user, it's not uncommon to find that you will be spending the same amount of money on a week's worth of vaping liquid than you previously did on just one pack of cigarettes.


    Variety of flavor


    Those who smoke cigarettes often stick to one brand. You often hear about how stressed-out they get if they are unable to get their primary brand. There are only so many different ways cigarette smoke can taste too.


    On the other hand, switching to using a vape opens you up to almost unlimited flavors to experience. Of course, you will always be able to get the different tobacco flavors, but if you want to experience something a little different, some of your options will include toffee, spearmint, and banana milkshake, to name a few.


    Free from ash


    E-cigarettes work by heating your choice of fluid, which will turn it into vapor that can be inhaled. As no combustion is involved, no ash is produced. Therefore, if you switch from smoking to using an e-cigarette, you can get rid of that overflowing smelly ashtray.



    Less amount of nicotine


    It's certainly not easy to quit cigarettes, but with electric vapes you can gradually lessen the nicotine levels, as every liquid has a clear indication of its nicotine content. Users can also use a higher nicotine concentrate liquid if they feel like they need the extra buzz. Regular cigarettes have a nicotine level of 18 to 24 mg, but vape liquid not only can match that, but they can also go as low as 3 to 6 mg, or even none at all.


    Eliminate smoking addiction


    There is a lot of evidence to show that smokers who transition to using a vape, quit smoking altogether. In fact, a recent study has shown that at least 70% of all vapor users were ex-smokers. Even those who are not able to make an instant switch from smoking were still able to reap the benefits. By having a few puffs of their vape a day, meant that they were smoking fewer real cigarettes.


    Pleasing smell


    The scent of vape vapor is far from offensive. With all the different flavors available to you, people will be commenting on how nice it smells, rather than how you stink of smoke. The added benefit of this is that it means that even fewer people will mind you using your vape near them if it smells pleasant.


    Pleasing taste


    Image Source -

     jonnwilliams via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC

    Cigarettes don't actually taste nice. Only full-time smokers enjoy the taste because they have been smoking for so long and are used to it; if you ask the opinion of someone who's never smoked to have a puff of a cigarette and describe the taste, most, if not all, will say that it tastes disgusting. So the main benefit of using a vape is that there are so many different flavors to choose from. You can either stick to general tobacco flavors, or even completely switch it up and choose from flavors like bubblegum and licorice.


    Free from smoky odor 

    If you're a smoker, there's nothing worse than having people avoid being near you or to make sly comments, just because you smell of smoke. As a vape user, you will never experience this problem again. As soon as the vapor has disappeared from the air, you will no longer be able to smell it. Also, even if some of the vapor odors stay on you, it'll only be the smell of the liquid that you chose. Nobody is going to complain that you smell like a vanilla milkshake, whereas they might do if you stink of cigarette smoke.

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    Posted by Melissa Krizman

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  • How we diversified our Vape Shop's eJuice selection

    Posted by Ariana VapeRanger

    Far And Few In Between

    Back in 2014 when we opened our first location there were a few major staples in the industry. Space Jam and Suicide Bunny come to mind with Cuttwood and Five Pawns coming into view shortly after. Being a Vape Store owner was easy back then, there was only three stores here on Long Island. Vape enthusiasts and smokers looking to quit would often travel 30+ minutes to find one of our stores. They would often walk in with their eyes open wide, curious as could be about what flavor they might find. It was a destination business back then but it certainly isn't today.

    The Rise Of Vaping

    In the summer of 2015 the Vape Industry was booming. Stores were popping up 5 miles from each other and consistently every week we would see a new store announcing it's soft opening on Facebook. Things were looking up and we were all very excited. 

    Vaping seemed to be going mainstream, everyone was vaping, less and less people were seen smoking around town and it seemed like everywhere we looked there were vapers. 

    While this was great for consumers it had it's toll on shops. Our margins started to take a hit as customers stopped traveling far to find new eJuice. Stores started to all carry the same brands and some started to undercut each other $1 or $2 per bottle. The market split and our averages started to drop. What were we all todo? 

    It's time to diversify

    In April of 2016 we realized we couldn't survive just carrying the brands everyone knew. The customers were bored and could easily order whatever they wanted online. It was then we started bringing in new brands by the half dozen. Between June and July we brought 14 new brands into the stores. Business went up. 

    Since June we've been bringing in 5-6 brands a month. At first it seemed impossible, how do we continue to bring new eJuice in month after month and still make a profit? Easy. We brought in 1x0MG, 5x3MG, 2x6MG every week of one or two brands. At this rate our orders were cheap enough to maintain and the customers were pleased. 

    VapeRanger.com works for us. It became the easiest way to bring in new eLiquid with very little risk. No more MOQs on wholesale orders, no more dealing with 10 vendors, no more absurd shipping fees and 48 bottle box quantities. VapeRanger.com has become our online shopping catalog. Our managers browse the site, customers browse the site and the products ship right to our door. 

    We encourage all who find this post to check out our site and browse our brands. Anything we don't have feel free to request in the eJuice Request Page

    p.s. View the newest eLiquid available here


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  • Is Vaping Healthy?

    Posted by Ariana Morck

    The question of vaping versus smoking is one that is often debated these days.  Let’s be honest, putting anything foreign into your lungs on a regular basis is not good for you by any means but is vaping truly reducing harm over smoking?  Is vaping the lesser of two evils?

    When one smokes they are burning organic matter and any time organic matter is burned it creates a number of harmful chemicals and carcinogens.  Not only are those chemicals bad for your health but carcinogens are cancer causing. When one vapes they are inhaling a vaporized liquid that is comprised of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine.  The lack of smoke being inhaled is what has led many vapers to have the understanding that vaping is a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

    For over 30 years doctors and scientist alike have hypothesized and later proved the link between smoking and cancer. They have proved that the act of inhaling smoke from tobacco actually changes the composition of cells in the lungs leading to lung cancer.  Experts also state that smoking is a leading cause in cardiovascular & respiratory disease. Tobacco (cigarette) smoke contains chemicals like benzene, cyanide, methanol, formaldehyde, tar, and carbon monoxide to list a few. Vaping does not contain those chemicals, but the issue it that due to vaping being such a new proposition the long term effects are still largely unknown.

    The bottom line is that at first glance vaping appears to be a safer alternative to traditional smoking, but only time will tell.  Until the long term effects of vaping are studied we will have to continue this debate.

    What do you think?

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