Urb Delta 9 HHC Gourmet Chocolate Bar


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Pack Count Strain/Flavor Strength Price Stock Quantity
10 Pack Lavender 300MG $ 65
10 Pack Key Lime 300MG $ 125
10 Pack Mango Chili 300MG $ 45
10 Pack Lemon Crumble 300MG $ 45
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VapeRanger is a vape distributor of Urb Delta 9 HHC Gourmet Chocolate Bar including other vaping products by Urb. All Vape Juice, Vape Mods, Disposable Vapes, TFN Vape Products, Pod Systems, and accessories ship directly from the manufacturer or from a distributor who purchased from the manufacturer. We offer the largest online selection of e-juice/e-liquid, vape juice, vaping hardware, and other vaping supplies.

Embark on an unparalleled flavor journey with our Gourmet Delta 9 THC & HHC chocolate bars, exclusively crafted for vape stores and smoke shops. Explore the captivating essence of our four distinct flavors:

  • Lavender: A harmonious blend of floral notes and rich cocoa awaits, offering a uniquely soothing experience.
  • Key Lime: Indulge in the zesty burst of citrus complemented by the velvety sweetness of premium chocolate, igniting your taste buds with every bite.
  • Mango Chili: Experience the tantalizing fusion of ripe mango sweetness with a fiery chili kick, creating a symphony of flavors that excites the senses.
  • Lemon Crumble: Delight in the perfect harmony of zesty lemon and buttery crumbles, balancing tartness and sweetness in each luxurious bite.

With 12 pieces per bar and 25mg per piece (10mg Delta 9 THC and 15mg HHC), our chocolate bars offer a lavish indulgence in every half-piece serving size.