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A squonk mod, or bottom-fed device, is a mechanical mod with a plastic bottle on the side that provides e-juice to the wicks and coils when squeezed. Although technology is not relatively new, it has recently become popular due to the price becoming more accessible. 

Squonking originates from dripping, a technique used by most vape hobbyists who use rebuildable drip atomizers or RDAs. When dripping, the user applies the e-liquid directly to the RDA coils and wicks, which provides a richer flavor profile. 

Squonking essentially works similarly, but instead of the user having to manually drip the e-liquid right into the coils from the top, they squeeze the plastic tank housing the e-liquids. The pressure drives the e-liquid upwards to the top of the vape to wet the wicks and coils. As the plastic tank goes back to its original form, it sucks up the remaining e-juice that was not absorbed by the wicks and coils, creating less mess. 

Squonk mods being a type of mechanical mod, are made of a few parts: a battery, a tank, and an RDA or also called a dripper. They have the same advantages as mech mods; they create better flavor profiles and more massive clouds and require knowledge of battery safety, Ohm’s Law, and electrical systems. 

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