Trinity Hemp XXL All In One 3G

Trinity Hemp

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Pack Count Strain/Flavor Strength Price Stock Quantity
5 Pack Apple Fritter 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Blue Dream 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Blueberry Donut 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Bubblegum OG 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Grape Ape 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Mango Kush 3000MG $ 998
5 Pack Runtz 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Sour Pebbles 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Sour Tangie 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Strawberry Mimosa 3000MG $ 998
5 Pack Super Lemon Haze 3000MG $ 999
5 Pack Watermelon OG 3000MG $ 999
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VapeRanger is a vape distributor of Trinity Hemp XXL All In One 3G including other vaping products by Trinity Hemp. All Vape Juice, Vape Mods, Disposable Vapes, TFN Vape Products, Pod Systems, and accessories ship directly from the manufacturer or from a distributor who purchased from the manufacturer. We offer the largest online selection of e-juice/e-liquid, vape juice, vaping hardware, and other vaping supplies.

The Trinity Hemp XXL All In One offers a generous 3 grams of pure vaping satisfaction, delivering tried-and-true excellence in 12 delightful strains. Boost your inventory with a world of unique and pleasing flavors, each carefully crafted to elevate the vaping experience.

Trinity Hemp XXL Vape Features:

  • 3 Gram Disposable Vape
  • 12 unique flavor blends

Trinity Hemp XXL Wholesale Flavors:

  • Apple Fritter: Sweet cinnamon apple bliss, a delectable dance on the palate.
  • Blue Dream: Ethereal blueberry dreams, a transcendent journey into relaxation.
  • Blueberry Donut: Indulgent blueberry delight, a heavenly fusion of sweet and savory.
  • Bubblegum OG: Classic bubblegum twist, a nostalgic embrace with a cannabis kick.
  • Grape Ape: Grape-infused euphoria, a fruity escape into calming sensations.
  • Mango Kush: Tropical mango paradise, a lush journey through sweet relaxation.
  • Runtz: Confectionery rainbow burst, a delightful blend of fruit-forward euphoria.
  • Sour Pebbles: Zesty sour symphony, a tangy exploration of vibrant sensations.
  • Sour Tangie: Citrus extravaganza, a zippy dance of sour and sweet on the taste buds.
  • Strawberry Mimosa: Berry-infused mimosa magic, a sparkling and fruity celebration.
  • Super Lemon Haze: Zesty lemon zing, a burst of energizing citrus to invigorate the senses.
  • Watermelon OG: Juicy watermelon oasis, a refreshing splash of relaxation in every puff.