WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naked 100 E-Liquid

Everyone in the vaping industry has heard of the ever-popular Naked 100 E-Liquid lines. The Schwartz E-Liquid guys in Long Beach, California have put together some of the best tasting all natural fruit vapes on the market today. They first released the Naked 100 line in January of 2016 with the intent on providing a high quality natural line of eliquid with distinct flavor notes to meet a wide range of vapor's palates. Their original Naked 100 line of products focuses on their vision of providing a simple, yet fruity flavor profile.

Some of the most popular Naked 100 E-Liquid vape juice flavors include Really Berry, Green Blast, and All Melon. They have also outdone themselves by combining fruit flavors such as guava, passion fruit and orange in Hawaiian Pog. You may also like the fruity blend of strawberry, coconut, and pineapple in Naked 100 Lava Flow. One of our favorites is Amazing Mango, a fruit fusion between exotic mangoes, peaches, and finished off with a special Naked cream base. Once you try one, Naked 100 vape juice is definitely going to be one of your favorites!

Naked 100 has also expanded their ejuice lines into Naked 100 Fusion eJuice, with three exciting flavors, Straw Lime (Berry Belts), Yummy Strawberry (Yummy Gum), and Green Lemon (Sour Sweet). If you are ready for strawberry gum with a flavor that keeps giving vape after vape, try Yummy Strawberry! For a strawberry flavor that is out of this world, give the Naked 100 Cream eJuice line a look. Naked Unicorn is a blending of strawberry and cream that will blow your mind! If that wasn’t enough, they also made Go Nanas, a blend of bananas and cream. Then for a take on their original Really Berry (Very Berry) flavor, comes Azul Berries, a fusion of blueberries and raspberries, mixed with that amazing cream flavor. Berry Lush is truly a marvel of genius and mixology mastery. For the more robust ejuice vapers, Naked 100 Tobacco eJuice has American Cowboy, Euro Gold Tobacco, and Cuban Blend Tobacco, all flavors dedicated to the rich traditional tobacco flavors. The latest addition to the Naked 100 line is a complete line of salt nicotine ejuice. Their Naked 100 Salt eLiquid comes in five new exciting flavors, Lava Flow, Really Berry, Brain Freeze, Polar Breeze (Frost Bite), and American Patriots. Some of your favorite flavors are now available in salt nicotine, for that clean smooth vape.

If you are looking to try something different, and have not tried Naked 100 juice, we suggest that you give one a try today. There are plenty to choose from and you certainly will not be disappointed!


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