Victim Vapes eJuice Sample Pack

Victim Vapes eJuice

Description: Victim Vapes eJuice Sample Pack

Victim Vapes Sample Pack.

Includes Four Flavors:

  • 1C8AKE7 - This homicidal flavor is a vanilla cake batter twist that will leave you sleeping with the fishes
  • Armed Robbery - Armed Robbery is a Coney Island style blueberry cotton candy that will put the squeeze on your taste buds
  • John Dough - John Dough is not like your average doughnut! John Dough is a unique buttercream doughtnut with a secret flavor that makes this flavor to die for
  • Melonslaughter - Melonslaughter is a watermelon fruit blend with a refreshing hint of menthol that gives this flavor the motive for murder

Available in 30ml.

Available in 0MG, 3MG and 6MG.

Limit one per store.