Pariah Vapor Co. eJuice Sample Pack


Pariah Vapor Co. Sample Pack.

Includes Four Flavors:

  • Eros - A light parfait layered with fresh strawberries and crumbly cheesecake that will tantalize your taste buds, tricking them into believing you're biting into a slice of heaven.
  • Ludus - Ever wanted to eat fruit loops without milk? Vape on ludus and try a handful! 
  • Pragma - Tropical manila mango with a sweet, silky condensed milk drizzle. Sitting on an exotic beach and enjoying this delicious dessert is one vape away! 
  • Pragma Popsicle - Tropical manila mango with a light and crisp menthol finish.
Available in 15ml.
Available in 1.5MG and 3MG.
Limit one per store.