Fresh Vapor Apple Bo Caps by Bo Vaping (3-Pack)

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1.5ml / 35MG

1.5ml / 35MG

DESCRIPTION: Fresh Vapor Apple Bo Caps by Bo Vaping (3-Pack)

A delicious fresh apple juice flavor packed into caps perfect for use with your Bo. The Fresh Apple Juice flavored caps conjure up thoughts of summers whatever the season, or they'll make you nostalgic for fruity flavored sweets you'd collect in paper bags in your younger years.

The Bo Vaping Caps are made especially for the Bo Vaping Pen Vaporizers. Each Bo Cap is 1.5ml each and they do not contain any diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl. The Bo Vaping Caps are made with nicotine salts, delivering more nicotine per puff and making it a more satisfying vaping experience.

Available in 1.5ml

Available in 35MG.

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