WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Memorial Day eJuice Sale

Freshly Squeezed (FRSH SQZD) eJuice

Frsh Sqzd was a brand created out of necessity, There are so many lemonade flavors on the market but none of the ones we tasted seemed to fit our pallet. Over long nights and early mornings and months of hard work, Frsh Sqzd was born… This is not your average lemonade, these e-liquids are bringing life to a whole new style of lemonade. Its not overbearingly sour or bitter, when vaping Frsh Sqzd think the main fruit with a hint of refreshing lemonade for a refreshing all day vape that is not overly bitter or sour. Just a great refreshing fruity vape with a hint of citrus…. Yeah we may have done it a bit different, but different is always better.

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