E Juice Flavor Concentrates

Another great product to add to your line up is flavor concentrates. Flavor concentrates are the mixture of flavorings found in e-liquids but without the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. People and companies use flavor concentrates when creating their e-liquids. 

Flavor concentrates are different from food-grade flavorings in that the concentrates have already been premixed or combined with different flavors. Also, while ordinary food-grade flavors have other uses and can be applied to foods, flavor concentrates are exclusively made for vaping. That means they have been rigorously tested to be safe for consumption. 

Since flavor concentrates are a mixing ingredient, they should not be vaped by themselves. However, it is possible to vape them; you’ll probably experience a very harsh throat hit and a very unpleasant taste.

Some of the e-liquid flavors concentrate brands we offer include Bali Fruits, King’s Crest, and French Dude. 

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