WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Twist E-Liquids!!

Clown Premium Liquids

Clown Premium Liquids from Bad Drip eJuice has to be one of the best, yet creepiest vape juice lines on the market today. Prepare yourself for some crazy looking bottles with some really creepy looking clowns. If that wasn't enough, you get juice names like Sweet Tooth, Pennywise, Laffy, Drooly, Twisty, Crush, and Skitzo. You are going to love their flavors such as stomped strawberry clown snouts, twisted with pulverized watermelon guts, and injected inside baby bubblegum balloon animals. Other flavors include circus spun cotton candy floss spattered with candied razzberry nightmare nectar. Prepare yourself for some great flavors and vape juice that any clown would love! They all come from the Bad Drip eJuice company in New York, whose mixologists are as twisted as they come! They don't call them the "Baddest Vape Juice" for nothing!

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