Vape Regulations

Pact Act for Vape Shops

Understanding the Pact Act for Vape Shops

The PACT Act has been a huge part of running a business in the vape industry for the past few years. It has spawned a variety of rumors that have led to businesses thinking they will no longer be able...

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FDA Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Will the FDA Ban Menthol Cigarettes?

The FDA has been trying to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars since April 2022 when the agency proposed a rule prohibiting menthol cigarette sales. This time around we’re not talking about vape products but actual cigarettes and cigars. Technically...

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The FDA and Synthetic Nicotine

The FDA and Synthetic Nicotine: What You Need To Know

The FDA is the main entity in charge of regulating nicotine consumable products and as you know, they have always been quite strict with regulations regarding vape products. Especially flavored vape products, which the agency claims have a negative impact...

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Vape Laws by State 2022: A Guide for Vape Shop Owners

Vape Laws by State 2022: A Guide for Vape Shop Owners

To date, the federal government has created two crucial vape laws every retailer should know. The first was raising the minimum age for buying and possessing vaping products to 21. And the second, the so-called “flavor ban,” which prohibits the...

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