Vaping Could Reduce Deaths From Cigarettes

Anyone who was wondering if vaping can actually reduce deaths caused from smoking traditional cigarettes can rest easy now. A new study has put the matter to rest.

PsychCentral has reported that a new study has been unveiled. The study, which was published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, has revealed that vaping can reduce the smoking-related deaths in the United States by up to 21 percent. Additionally, vaping can further reduce a loss in life-years in people born after 1997 by 20 percent. These were the findings concluded based on a new research model developed by scientists and tobacco control experts from around the world.

These numbers show how important vaping can be to saving lives, but also something much more important. If vaping becomes so restrictive that most people can’t partake in it in affordable and convenient ways, the lives saved by this safer alternative to smoking might be lost. And that is something that the authors of this study are hoping to avoid.

“Our model is consistent with recent evidence that, while e-cigarette use has markedly increased, cigarette smoking among youth and young adults has fallen dramatically,” lead author David Levy, Ph.D., a population scientist and professor of oncology at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, said when the findings were published. Levy went on to state that recent claims made by other scientists that vaping could act as a gateway drug for teens and young adults to begin smoking have been vastly overstated.

The new research model serves to provide scientists with an understanding of how vaping could potentially affect smokers who switch to vaping in the future. These projections are important, especially as the deeming regulations for the American vaping industry are due to go into effect at the end of the summer.

And this study just adds to the chorus of tobacco control experts, scientists, and medical professionals who are calling for vaping to become a recognized alternative to traditional smoking.

Levy is a supporter of vaping and the FDA regulations that aim to prohibit citizens under the age of 18 from buying vape products but laments that vaping products are under the same restrictions as tobacco products. He states that: “overregulation of e-cigarettes might actually stifle the development and marketing of safer products that could more effectively displace cigarettes,” a sentiment that is shared by the majority of the vaping industry.

While still more research needs to be done to understand the effects vaping has on society and how it may alter the public’s relationship with tobacco, the fact remains: vaping is becoming more and more likely to be the first, best method for weaning Americans from the grips of a tobacco addiction.

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