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business owner designing sales incentive plan in his computer

How to Design a Sales Incentive Plan

What is the theory behind incentive plans? Having an incentive plan in place won’t guarantee universal satisfaction within the sales team ranks. For instance, incentivized commission and bonuses were found to be less of a motivating factor than brands had...

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churn rate graph chart made with chalk

How To Decrease Churn Rate for Your Vape Shop

If you want to improve the revenue of your vape shop, we suggest you take a look at a very important metric called the churn rate. The churn rate can help you determine why customers are leaving your vape shop,...

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stressed woman returning a product bought online

The Ultimate Guide on How to Reduce Returns in E-Commerce

Online consumers seem to be a lot more demanding than shoppers who purchase items at a brick-and-mortar location. Making returns extremely difficult to handle and overwhelmingly negative for the overall business. Online returns not only often result in an unhappy...

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