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Pack Count Size Strain Price Stock Quantity
6 Pack 2G Blue Wreck - Indica $ 1000
6 Pack 2G Compound Z - Hybrid $ 1000
6 Pack 2G Item 9 - Hybrid $ 999
6 Pack 2G Mk Ultra - Indica $ 1000
6 Pack 2G Pineapple Express - Sativa $ 999
6 Pack 2G White Widow - Sativa $ 999
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VapeRanger is a vape distributor of Zombi Live Badder Cartridge 2G including other vaping products by Zombi Cannabinoids. All Vape Juice, Vape Mods, Disposable Vapes, TFN Vape Products, Pod Systems, and accessories ship directly from the manufacturer or from a distributor who purchased from the manufacturer. We offer the largest online selection of e-juice/e-liquid, vape juice, vaping hardware, and other vaping supplies.

Indulge in the Zombi Live Badder Cartridge, infused with 2 grams of premium live badder D8. With six strains, naturally-derived terpenes, and rigorous third-party testing, it's the epitome of quality and potency for vape shop owners seeking excellence.

Zombi Live Badder Cartridge Features:

  • 2G Live Badder Infusion: Each cartridge is infused with 2 grams of premium live badder D8, ensuring potent and pure vapor with every use.
  • Farm Bill Compliant: Fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.
  • Naturally-Derived Terpenes: Crafted with naturally-derived terpenes for a rich and authentic flavor profile.
  • 510 Thread Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with standard 510 threaded batteries for versatile use.
  • Six Strains Available: Offers a variety of six strains to suit different preferences and experiences.
  • Third-Party Lab Tested: Every batch undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly produced in the USA using industrial hemp grown domestically.
  • Elevated Experience: Specifically designed to enhance your vaping experience with superior potency and purity.

Zombi Live Badder Cartridge Flavors/Strain:

  • Blue Wreck - Indica: Experience the soothing, calming effects of Blue Wreck, an Indica strain that combines the sweet, fruity notes of blueberries with a hint of earthy undertones. Perfect for relaxing after a long day, this strain provides a serene and mellow high.
  • Compound Z - Hybrid: Compound Z is a balanced hybrid that offers the best of both worlds. With a unique blend of herbal, piney flavors and subtle citrus zest, it delivers a euphoric and uplifting high while still maintaining a relaxing body effect. Ideal for any time of day.
  • Item 9 - Hybrid: Discover the invigorating and dynamic high of Item 9, a hybrid strain known for its energizing and creative effects. This strain features a complex flavor profile with notes of sweet berries and spicy undertones, making it perfect for daytime use.
  • Mk Ultra - Indica: Mk Ultra is a potent Indica strain renowned for its powerful relaxation and sedative effects. With rich, earthy flavors and hints of pine, this strain is perfect for those seeking deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • Pineapple Express - Sativa: Embark on a tropical adventure with Pineapple Express, a Sativa strain that combines the sweet and tangy flavors of fresh pineapple with earthy cedar. This strain provides a euphoric, energetic high, making it a great choice for daytime activities.
  • White Widow - Sativa: White Widow is a classic Sativa strain known for its balanced and uplifting effects. It features a refreshing, peppery flavor with hints of pine and citrus, providing a clear-headed and invigorating high that’s perfect for socializing and creative pursuits.