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Xtra Twist Disposable Vape Pen

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The Xtra Twist Disposable Vape Pen is small, portable, and is perfect to take traveling. It also features airflow control, a relatively new feature among disposables. If that wasn’t enough, there is no need to charge or fill it; it comes ready to use right out of the packaging. All you must do is inhale.

  • Available in a 10-pack
  • Comes with 50mg of nicotine salts
  • 5ml of eliquid
  • Lasts approximately 1500 puffs

With more than 18 flavors, you can bet your customers will have plenty of flavor options when it comes to the Xtra Twist Disposable Vape Pen. And with a puff count of more than 1500 and with equipped airflow control, this disposable has the capability of lasting multiple days. If you are looking for a disposable with airflow control that comes in delicious flavors, the Xtra Twist Disposable Vape Pen gets the job done.

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