Xtra Disposable Vape Device

With perhaps the longest-lasting puff in the entire vaping industry, the Xtra Disposable Vape is making waves in the world of disposables. Big enough to last you for days (more than 1500+ puffs) but small enough to fit in the hand of your customers, this vape disposable is the perfect answer for smokers transitioning into vaping. With zero buttons to press, you inhale, and it starts working. It’s that simple.

  • Available in single pack or ten-pack
  • Has approximately 50mg of nicotine by volume
  • Each device comes with 5.0ml of e-liquid
  • Each device lasts about 1500 per device

With 19 flavors to choose from, your customers will have a large selection to pick from. Plus, with 5.0ml of e-liquid, this disposable vape should last you for days on end. If your customers are looking for a long-lasting experience for disposables, give them an Xtra Disposable Vape.

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