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Wax pens are vape pens exclusively used to vape THC wax. THC wax is a concentrated form of cannabis or marijuana that is soft and looks like clay. Wax pens, like vape pens, are small and easy to carry. They are composed of three parts: a battery, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece.  

To use a wax pen, a person will typically unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber. There they will put the THC concentrate or wax by being very careful not to damage the coil. Once the device loads with wax, the mouthpiece is screwed back on. Then, the wax pen is ready to be used. 

It’s important to note that wax pens and dab pens, while similar are not the same. Dab pens are a subcategory of wax pens that use “dabs” instead of wax, and the heating temperature they need might be lower than that of wax pens. 

Some of our most popular wax pens include the following: Mig Vapor, Qloud Up, DazzVape Hardware, Blacker Hardware, and Brillian Hardware, to name a few.

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