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Vaporizer pens or vape pens are slender in size and cylindrical in shape, and as their name suggests, they look like pens. They were one of the first devices available for vapers, so their name is synonymous with “e-cigarettes,” a term that refers to almost every device that uses nicotine e-juice. 

While at first vape pens only came equipped with a single firing button, a battery, an atomizer, and a mouthpiece, with the advances in vaping technology, some vape pens now include wattage and voltage, and even airflow adjustment. Modern vape pens now have safety features like a microchip that turns off the current after 10 seconds. It’s also important to note that vape pens are for more than vaping nicotine; different vape pens also exist to vape THC oils, herbs, and waxes.  

Some of our best selling vape pens include Kanger, Mig Vapor, Mythology E-Cloud, Direct Vapor, Dr. Dabber Vaporizers, MONQ Aromatherapy, Skiigh Vape, and This Thing Rips Hardware.

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