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Mechanical mods are a type of unregulated box mod. What sets them apart is they have none of the advanced features regulated box mods have like temperature control and wattage control; more importantly, they don’t have a circuit board to regulate the electrical current. Instead, they only have a battery, an atomizer, a firing button, and a case that holds them together. 

Although their design looks simple (most look like metal tubes), these vapes are not for beginners since they require working knowledge of Ohm’s Law, electrical systems, and battery safety. Only advanced vapers should use mechanical mods. Instead, they are favored by veteran vapers who exclusively use them to create plumes of vapor. Mechanical mods mostly come with rebuildable drip atomizers or RDAs. 

Some of the benefits of mechanical mods include longer battery life, better cloud production, and the ease of using a single button to make their vapes work.

Some of the best-selling mechanical mod brands we offer include Ronin Mods, Kennedy Vapor Hardware, Angry Cloud Vape Co, Envii Vaping, Beyond Vape, Broadside Mods, OverPowered Mod Vape Hardware, Screaming Tree Mods, Vaping American Made Products (VAMP), among others. 

If you’re looking for a new wholesale supplier of mechanical mods, you’re in the right place. VapeRanger offers a wide selection of mechanical mods that is sure to satisfy all your customers. We provide competitive mech mod wholesale prices while also providing excellent customer service and timely delivery of products. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at +1 (631) 777-3487.

OverPowered 21700 Full Mod Kit
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OverPowered 21700 Full Mod Kit

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