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Box mods are the most giant and bulkiest vape devices available. They provide more significant clouds when vaped and more control over how the e-liquid vaporizes. They can be highly customizable since the mod can be separated from the tank and the batteries. 

With box mods, you have temperature control, wattage control, and even voltage control. Most box mods come with digital displays where the ohms, watts, volts, and battery life displays. They usually tend to be more costly than other devices since they provide more settings and longer battery life. 

There are two types of box mods, regulated and unregulated. Regulated mods are the ones that come with the bells and whistles in regards to settings, but they also have an essential component. This circuit board regulates the current, making them safer than unregulated box mods. 

Some of our bestselling box mods include SMOK, Sigelei, KangerTech, Evic, eLeaf, VGOD, VooPoo, LostVape, iJoy, Wotofo, LostVape, GeekVape, Vandy Vape, TeslaCigs, Squid Industries, Craving Vapor, Wismic, Aspire, VO Tech Novium, among many others.

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What Are Box Mods?

Usually rectangular in shape, box mods are the biggest and most powerful devices available to vapers. Because of this, they tend to be more expensive, but the features they come with, which can include anything from the ability to change the wattage, smart chips that protect the battery from overheating, and the ability to vape with different coil types, makes the price more than worth it for serious vaping hobbyists who love to customize their vaping experience.

How To Use Box Mods?

Box mods require more steps than other types of vape devices in order to be used. For example, for some box mods, external batteries are needed that require separate smart chargers in order to charge them fully. Because customization is crucial to the box mod experience, you can also pick from a variety of tank atomizers that have different specs and can hold different amounts of vape juice or have specific airflow control settings.

Once you have inserted your charged batteries into the body of the box mod and have chosen a suitable tank atomizer, which might have came with the device, you have to check the coil inside the tank atomizer. Make sure it is screwed tight, not extremely tight, but snug enough so no vape juice will leak. Then, you’ll want to prime the coil. This is done by applying vape juice in the cotton openings of the coil and letting the cotton absorb the vape juice so when you hit it, there are no dry hits. Before you put the coil back into the tank atomizer, remember to check the recommended wattage or temperature for the ideal setting for the coil.

It should also be noted that different vape juices will work better with certain types of coils. For coils that have 1.0ohms or higher, vape juices with 50PG/50VG are ideal. For coils that are sub-ohm, meaning that they have 0.9ohms or less, higher ratio VG ratios like 20PG/70VG are better suited.

Once the coil has been saturated and you have the ideal temperature, the coil should be vaped and you’ll want to fill up the tank with vape juice. Now that you know the vape juice your coil requires, all you have to do is fill it up with this type of eliquid and then turn it on. To turn it on, press the firing button five times and set the ideal temperature. Now there is nothing left to do but to vape your box mod.

Vape Mods vs Box Mods

Vape mods is a term that generalizes vapes that have mods. Inside this term we can find the following devices:

  • Box mods
  • Pod mods
  • Squonk mods
  • Mechanical mods

So the difference between box mods and vape mods is that vape mods is a term that encompasses many devices that use mods, while box mods are a specific type of vape mod that usually has variable wattage, an LED screen, protective chips, and availability in a square or rectangular shape similar to a box.

How Long Does a Box Mod Product Last?

Box mods are built for multiple uses that means they can last anywhere from six months to a year depending on how many times it is used and how well maintained it is. There are also chances that it can fall or be dropped, and this can affect its lifespan. With the right care, a box mod, which is usually sturdier and better manufactured than pod systems, can last for many years, but again, it all depends on how the user treats it.

Recommendations To Get the Best Box Mods

In vaping, the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” seems to always ring true. Whether it’s vape juice flavors that might feature a fruit, candy, or food you don’t like that you end up loving, or an excellent box mod that is made by a not so well known brand, every box mod model can be a great device no matter what manufacturer makes it. That said, there are some excellent brands that seem to always create quality devices. These brands are:

What if I Want To Buy Box Mods in Bulk?

If you want to buy box mods wholesale and in bulk, you’ll be glad to know that VapeRanger is one of the best vape goods wholesalers in the United States. With international shipping and a wide selection of vape products that range from box mods to vape juices to even synthetic nicotine disposables, our inventory is massive.

What Are the Advantages of Box Mods?

Box mods have many advantages. Because box mods are all about customization, you can change the temperature, the voltage, and the wattage. They also have more space for the vape juice which means your customers will refill their devices less often. Box mods also come with safety features like overheat protection which cuts the current if it gets too hot. Because they use powerful external batteries, they also have longer battery life. And because they come with LED screens, you can check when the battery is running low and plan in case you need to change the batteries.