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Batteries are an essential component of vape devices. They create the power or electricity that makes vapes function. There are different types of batteries, but the most common ones are 18650 and 26650. They get their names from their measurements. For example, an 18650 is 18mm in diameter and 65mm in height (the 0 at the end means it is cylindrical and not square).

Most of the batteries used in vape devices are lithium-ion batteries. There are two types of lithium-ion batteries, lithium IMR and lithium ICR. Lithium IMR batteries are the most recommended since they discharge high electrical currents at low temperatures, which lowers their malfunctioning risk

If you are using a pod system that comes with low-wattage rechargeable batteries, you probably will never have to worry about buying new batteries. But, if you have a box mod, mechanical mod, or squonk mod, you’ll need to know a bit about replacement batteries.

Some of the best selling brands of batteries we offer include Samsung, LG, Hohm Tech, Efest, MXJO, Sony, Aspire Vape Co, Imren, among many others.

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