Podstick 1000 Disposable Device

Our Pod Stick and Instapod disposable vape products make it easy to enjoy a quick vape anywhere. They’re perfect for experienced vapers seeking something ultra-portable. Plus, as the only disposable that offers 5% and 2.5% nicotine options, they’re also a great choice for anyone who’s trying to quit smoking but isn’t ready to invest in a permanent device. Choose from classic Banana Ice, Peach Ice, and Lush Ice; or indulge in unique and enticing flavors like Lemon Lime Soda or Cola Ice!

PodStick 1000 is our largest sized device which allows for more airflow and battery life (1000+ Puffs!). Try our 11 amazing flavors and don't look back, this is the best XL disposable you will try! Try our Pod Stick Plus if you want to size down, or try our Pod Juice Salt Nics with one of our many Pod Systems!

Podstick 1000 Disposable Device Features:

  • 5% Nicotine Salt.
  • 3.4ml E-Liquid Inside each disposable.
  • Approximately 1000 Puffs Per Device.
  • Integrated 280mAh Battery.
  • Available in 11 flavors (Lemon-Lime Soda, Cola Ice, Grape Soda, Blue Razz Ice, Melon Ice, Lush Ice, Fuji Apple Ice, Banana Ice, Peach Ice, Orange Soda Ice, Strawberry Banana).