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El Gallo CBD Products

Enhancing Life's Adventures.

Starting in the mid-1970’s Mexico experienced a dramatic drought and all the farmers were responsible for feeding their villagers. They looked for an alternative way to feed their people. Then they learned that if they grew these special crops could it could help solve their problems. Although these crops couldn’t be eaten, they could be sold, bringing in the money to feed their people. Being the predominant citizens of those villages, they didn’t want to talk about Cannabis or Sensimillia in front of the children and those who did not need to know. So it became a cultural lingo or slang if you will. When referencing Cannabis in town you were to refer to it as your Rooster Crop. “El Gallo is Spanish for the Rooster” Then the main reason being was anybody that needed to know, knew you don’t have Rooster Crops. And so began to forever reference to the Rooster to just enjoy cannabis.

We’d like to carry that tradition of Enhancing someone’s Life while removing the stigma of just calling it POT.

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