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Ecommerce Responsive Web Design For Vape Shops: Why & How To Implement One

Manipulating two stand-alone websites is way less convenient and, not to mention, incredibly time-consuming. It may also leave you open to unwanted content duplication.

Using a responsive design for your online vape shop will abolish those risks almost entirely. Here’s everything you need to know about eCommerce responsive web design for vape shops.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Responsive Online Store
  2. Should You Have a Mobile Responsive Design for Your Vape Shop
  3. Benefits of Responsive Web Design
  4. How to Implement a Responsive Web Design for Your Vape Shop
  5. eCommerce Best Practices
  6. Conclusion

What is a Responsive Online Store?

It’s most likely that you access your most visited websites on multiple devices. On the desktop at the office, on your smartphone, and a tablet while sitting on the couch at home.

Have you noticed how the design of your favorite website fits perfectly on every one of your screens? Well, that’s not a product of magic. Instead, it is a result of a responsive web design.

A responsive online store design is one formatted for multiple devices. It’s that simple.

Should You Have a Mobile Responsive Design for Your Vape Shop?

Should You Have a Mobile Responsive Design for Your Vape Shop? | VapeRanger

The short answer to that question is as simple as 'yes.' If you're not able to access your vape online store on your mobile device in this day and age, then the chances you will miss sales opportunities are 100% probable.

A report by Statista shows that up until 2019, circa 48% of global internet usage came from mobile devices. As the internet's reach continues to grow, the number of devices used to access it will grow with it.

It's up to you to make your vape shopping experience as flexible as possible. Every time you fail to do so will likely mean lost growth opportunities.

Having a responsive online store expands both reach and accessibility to your vape shop, which could grant you a high conversion rate and positively affect your customer's user experience.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

1. Easy to Maintain

A responsive web design allows you to get rid of the risk of duplicating content altogether. It gives you a flexible and more comfortable way to manage your website with the ability to access it from different displays.

2. Cost Reduction

From a development perspective, designing a responsive online store for your vape business is more expensive. However, if you want to have a web design for every device (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), developing a responsive website makes a lot more sense.

3. Less Time Consuming

Time is money, or at least that's what they say, and we agree. With a responsive web design, you are reducing the amount of time you have to spend managing all your websites and the amount of money it costs you to do so.

4. High Conversion Rate

With the number of users accessing the internet on displays different from desktops growing by the minute, it's only natural to assume that they are also performing purchases on mobile devices. In fact, according to OuterBox Design, at least "79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using a mobile device in the last six months". It's only a matter of logic to understand that a responsive web design could lead you one step closer to a conversion, solely based on this data.

5. Better User Experience

There is nothing more annoying than trying to log onto your favorite online vape shop and finding that the mobile design looks like something done on Microsoft Paint (MP). Not to trash MP, but you want your customer to have the best experience possible, helping keep customers happy and close deals. A website that's difficult to navigate frustrates visitors and may result in abandonment.

6. Impact on Google Ranking

The google search algorithm gives preference to mobile-friendly websites. Search engine results are greatly affected by website responsiveness. So, if both you and your competition's web presence have well-designed SEO, but your competitor happens to have a responsive web design, and you don't, then chances are you will be placed lower in the search results.

7. Optimized Traffic

Due to a combination of the impact on google rankings and your website's additional accessibility, the organic traffic to your vape shop is likely to increase. Not only that, but consumer engagement could grow, and the time that visitors spend on your website could enhance as well.

How to Implement Responsive Web Design for Your Vape Shop

How to Implement Responsive Web Design for Your Vape Shop | VapeRanger

There are two different ways to go about it:

1. Hire a professional web designer

A professional web designer will take all the work off your hands. Professionals could be freelancers or development companies that provide a full hosting and maintenance service. This option ensures you have time to spend on other high-value activities like marketing your vape shop and negotiating with suppliers. However, hiring a professional developer is also the most expensive option.

2. Use a website builder app

Most entrepreneurs out there go with this option, at least in the beginning. Website builder apps like Wix or WordPress are an excellent way to get you started quickly on developing an online presence.

It’s also possible that a professional web designer could use a site builder like WordPress or Shopify. Still, chances are it will be a lot more high-end than you could have managed on your own without any previous web development experience.

eCommerce Best Practices

These are simple rules of thumb to follow when building an eCommerce website UI. Whether you’re developing it on your own or hired a professional for it, these are rules that every vape shop owner should follow.

1. Invest in Mobile a Responsive Web Design

Because the importance of mobile-responsive designs has already been explained above, and the seven benefits associated with it are a strong enough reason to invest in responsive web design.

2. Make Navigation as Simple as Possible

Bounce rates have been found to increase when users have a hard time navigating websites. Not only that, but simple navigation is also key to a successful SEO strategy. Simple navigation increases domain authority and trust in your visitors that will ultimately result in user engagement.

3. Include Call to Action (CTA)

Adding CTAs in strategic spaces within your website and written content plays a significant role in boosting conversions. CTAs guide your visitor through your online vape shop and should be designed to motivate a sell.

4. Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation system that shows the user exactly where they are on your website. Breadcrumbs usually display at the top of your website.

5. Add Search Filters

Search filters allow visitors to search for items and featured content directly on your website. This motivates users to perform purchases and add items to their shopping carts.


The reasons to implement a responsive web design on your online vape shop are vast and tangible, which means that it directly impacts your marketing strategy, organic traffic, conversion rate, costs, and SEO strategy results.


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