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Rare and Unexpected Nicotine Salts

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Author: Simon CartagenaApril 16, 2024

Nicotine salts are quickly becoming one of the most popular nicotine consumables, not only among regular vapers but also among nicotine consumers in general. They are said to deliver a smoother hit than other nicotine vape products, which makes it hardly surprising that they’ve acquired such popularity in a short period of time.


The popularity of vaping can also make it very confusing for beginner vapers to make a sense of the market. Meaning that sometimes people don’t even know if they’re using freebase e-liquid or salt-based nicotine.

To sort out that confusion, here’s a short list of frequently asked questions that can pause the confusion for your customers.

What Is Nicotine Salt?

We already mentioned freebase nicotine above. Only by understanding freebase vape juices can someone truly understand what nic salt juice is.

Freebase nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves and has also been considered the purest form of nicotine available. At least when we’re referring only to tobacco-derived nicotine, the case might be different if we throw synthetic nicotine into the discussion.

Without the chemical alteration of the substance, freebase nicotine can only be tolerated by the body (throat, lungs, etc.) in low strength. This is why freebase nicotine usually only contains up to 12mg or 18mg of nicotine. In most cases, freebase nic strength only includes 3mg and 6mg options.

Knowing this, it’s only natural that vapers are confused when they see that nicotine salt e-liquids can have up to 50mg of nicotine per unit, which is definitely not a low-nicotine vape juice. So, how can consumers withstand products like these?

Nicotine salt is made using benzoic acid. It is this component that ultimately makes the high content of nicotine tolerable. The best nicotine salts use an organic acid such as benzoic acid to make these products tolerable and more enjoyable.

Why Nic Salt?

The following are the main advantages of nic salts that you can communicate with your customers if they’re looking for something with more nicotine content:

  • You are getting more nicotine for a better price. Ultimately, nicotine salts can help you save money.
  • Nic salts deliver a much smoother throat hit in comparison to cigarettes and freebase vape juice.
  • The lower concentration (not content) of nicotine makes the flavor of the vape juice stand out more, giving vapers a better experience in terms of taste.
  • The best salt nic alternatives don’t usually produce big clouds of vapor. That makes this type of e-liquid perfect for consumers who want to vape using the mouth-to-lung (MTL) technique.
  • Nicotine salts are more stable than freebase, which allows them to last longer on a store shelf or on your customer's nightstand.
  • Nic salts are beginner-friendly alternatives to vaping because they allow the flavor to be the star of the show.
  • They are also a more discrete option because they do not produce big clouds of vapor like other vape juices.

Nicotine Salt Flavors Your Store Needs

At VapeRanger, we carry an incredibly large selection of nicotine salts with almost every flavor you can name. Even better, they’re all sold at a wholesale price and all you need to do is register for a wholesale account.

All of the options below come in 30ml bottles with nicotine strengths that vary between 25mg, 30mg, and 50mg per unit.

Strawberry Kiwi by Juice Head

Strawberry Kiwi Nicotine Salt by Juice Head E-Liquid

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Juice Head’s Strawberry Kiwi has been at the top of our bestseller list for a long time and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, on top of being on sale frequently. This is a must-have product for your store.

Peach Blue Razz by Cloud Nurdz

Peach Blue Razz by Cloud Nurdz Nicotine Salt eJuice

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If you think that peach and blue razz is a combination that you don’t see every day, then this is a must for you because that means that your customers probably think the same.

Wintergreen by Mints e-Liquid

Wintergreen Nicotine Salts by Mints E-Liquid

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While wintergreen is not a rare vape flavor at all, it’s definitely one of the few mint-flavored vape juices that are done right.

Peach Pear by Juice Head

Peach Pear Nicotine Salt by Juice Head E-Liquid

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Anything with peach is already rare, but a blend with pear makes this flavor by Juice Head one of the most unexpected blends in the game.

Watermelon Berry by Cloud Nurdz

Watermelon Berry Tobacco Free Nicotine Salt Juice by Cloud Nurdz

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This flavor is a particularly unique one because it is made using tobacco-free nicotine (synthetic nicotine).

Finishing Thoughts

Nicotine salts are incredibly popular among vapers. This is why you should be looking to stock up on the most popular and innovative vape flavors made with salt-based nic. You can also get these at a wholesale price if you register for a wholesale account with us.

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