The Refuge Handcrafted E-Liquid Sample Pack

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The Refuge Sample Pack.

Includes Thirteen Flavors:

  • Coffee Cafe - A deep, rich, Mid Italian Roast and extremely satisfying with a natural tasting, with notes of vanilla, and caramel that highlight the creamy flavor, and rather than competing with it, it gives Coffee Cafe the necessary depth to make it really stand out in a sea of mediocre coffee flavors. It's the best cup of Joe you'll ever toot!

  • Apollo - Apollo is a go for lift-off, this is our take on your favorite childhood popsicle, the bomb pop, who says you have to be a kid to enjoy them?

  • Toot Loops - Pure and simple. It's not "similar to" or "kind of like" Fruit Loops cereal, it tastes just like your eating a big bowl of cereal with milk. The deceptively simple flavors reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and Saturday night/Sunday morning dorm rooms are perfectly replicated, creating a complex blend of sweet and slightly savory notes, tasting fruitiness and a toasted, almost malty corn-like finish that lingers in your mouth, if your a cereal lover, you've got to have this one lined up on your wish list.

  • Pupule - An extraordinarily complex, brimming with a beautifully balanced mix of flavors that meld together creating a rich, creamy vanilla custardy mouth-feel and a smooth nutty taste. The juice comes on with hints of brown sugar, but is quickly followed by a creamy caramel flavor, that lends Pupule an overall balance that continues through the finish. While Pupule is definitely on the sweeter side, it isn't overly sweet with the nutty flavor keeping the juice properly in check with just a slight touch of creamy smoothness and nutty goodness.

  • Porn Star - Porn Star is a remarkably clean strawberry with a sweet jam like flavor that hangs on the tongue from the front side of the vape through the sweet finish. It's juicy, intensely sweet, and downright yummy. Porn Star has a good dose of cream that adds a rich, thick mouthfeel to the vape. A must have try for strawberries and cream fans!

  • Lush - Lush is well balanced, but it's also downright delicious. As one would expect, the dominant flavor on both the inhale and exhale is that of creamy banana. With a slightly sweet graham crust on the exhale. The banana extends into a long sweet finish, fading quickly into a caramelized banana note, but bringing along a light hint of sweet whipped cream that adds a richer tone to the overall profile. Overall, Lush is very tasty and a exceptionally well balanced blend that should be on any banana lover's "must try list".

  • Louie - Louie is rich with sweet, fruity tobacco goodness. The fruits used are remarkably full in flavor with a silky mouth-feel. The raspberry provides a sense of balance to this well blended juice by adding a mild Tobacco to the profile, The fruity note creates a stunning symmetry between the higher bright tones and the deeper low notes. The overall profile is deceptively simple.. while the only two flavors to present in the profile are, as the name implies, raspberry and Tobacco, there is clearly a whole lot more going on behind the scenes. A vape like this requires additional components to create that sense of parity, without intruding on the intended flavor profile. We have to let the rest become a mystery for you to solve. This Signature Blend is dedicated to Our beloved family Member Lacy (Lewis).

  • Glen Coco - Glen Coco has the jam-like strawberry flavor, as well as a natural Herb note popular back in the 70's (Hippie Era) that hits all the right notes with a burst of a sweet chocolate, accompanied by a very mild creamy note. Glen Coco is a world apart from the crowded e-liquid marketplace. All on their own, these blended flavors makes for a very tasty, fruity vape, but there's a but more going on here than just the berry mix, This combination of flavors is one you'll find quite appealing and harmonious. It will leave your taste buds wanting more of the groovy juice! This signature blend is dedicated to our Dear friend Glenn (Coco) Brown.

  • Custard Fusion - The vanilla flavor is deep, rich and immensely satisfying custard. With a clean, creamy, natural tasting vanilla that is, on it's own quite tasty, but when combines with the decadent butterscotch this juice jumps to a whole other level. There is the slight and mild caramelized sugar tone accompanying the unmistakable soft, velvety, custard. We like to vape it right after we make it, but definitely even better after just a few days.

  • Charlie G - Charlie G will bring out senses you didn't even know you had. It's a warm homemade Apple Cinnamon Fritter with a light glaze of sugary icing surrounding this scrumptious bundle of joy!

  • Bub's Backy - A mild yet Dark Tobacco on the inhale, which is met by vanilla and a sweet and creamy note right at the top of the exhale, then joined by the warmth of caramel sweetness that highlights the depth and complexity of this juice. Bub's Backy really shines on the finish, leaving your tongue with a warmth of sweet Tobacco with a rich creamy woodsy flavor. It is sure to keep you guessing and wanting more!

  • Bartlett Bay - Bartlett Bay opens with a remarkably gentle natural Bartlett Pear flavor that on it's own is well balanced with a light hint of sweetness, and a mild, refreshing pear flavor. The pure, untarnished pear flavor is quickly met by a light creaminess on the exhale and the finish brings a nice pear custard taste of sorts, like that of a pear pie. Overall, the profile is not one of big, robust flavors, but lighter more delicate flavors that come together to form a sweet, elegant vape. The flavors themselves work together beautifully and the end result is one that can easily be an ADV for those who like the fruity/bakery flavors.

  • 2 Die 4 - Opens with the sweet flavor of caramelized sugar and slow baked apples, like the sweet jelly-like goo that surrounds the apples in the pie filling, The apple is met with the deep, earthy spice of cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as the bread-y, sweet and savory flavor of a flakey pie crust. The finish is where all the flavors come together with the apple returning to the profile and blending seamlessly into a sweet caramelized sugar, spice and crust. After a long day, this is a perfect sit down and relax vape.

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