I Love Salts Nicotine Salt eJuice Shop 8 Flavor Starter Pack

I Love Salts Nicotine Salt eJuice


Included are 48 bottles total between all Eight flavors!

I Love Salts Starter Kit is a complete kit for your store. Select 25MG or 50MG and you receive the display case of 6 bottles of each flavor: Juicy Apples, Fruit Cereal, Grappleberry, Spearmint Gum, Blue Raspberry, Tropic Mango, Strawberry Candy and Sweet Tobacco. In total receive 48 bottles and a display case. You may order supplemental individual bottles in other salt nicotine strengths to backstop or stock display with dual facings of 25MG and 50MG.

  • Spearmint Gum - fresh, icy spearmint that will tingle your tongue with a menthol flavor like gum
  • Juicy Apples - Glorious of freshly-picked apples that are beyond crisp and refreshing
  • Fruit Cereal - The most magnificent reproductions of sugary, fruity cereal that has been soaked in creamy, cold milk
  • Grappleberry - Fresh blueberries bursting with sweet and tangy goodness of grapes and apples to satisfy your thirst
  • Strawberry Candy - Sweet and tangy strawberry flavor infused with sugary taffy that sticks to your sweet tooth long after the vapor has left your mouth
  • Sweet Tobacco - Smooth, rich tobacco flavor with the addition of nutty sweetness
  • Tropic Mango - Nothing but intense mango flavor that tastes exactly like the real thing. Every hit provides your taste buds with an escape to paradise by bathing the tongue in that exotic mango taste. Your thirst will be completely satisfied as that enchanting nectar drips down the tongue.
  • Blue Raspberry - Sweet and sour flavor explosion. This blue raspberry candy saturates your tongue in mouth-puckering tartness before sending your sweet tooth to sugar heaven.

Available in 25MG or 50MG.

Limit one per store.