Update business information

Great news!

VapeRanger has been granted permission to keep shipping products on a country-wide level.


As part of PACT Act-related regulations, we’re required to provide our customer’s business licenses to local or state law so that our customers (you) can continue to receive vape products through the mail. This is with the goal of proving to regulators that yours is a lawfully acting business.

Disregard this message if you have already provided business license information to VapeRanger. You are only required to fill out the following form if you have not provided license information, if your license has recently expired, or if you have a new shipping address that needs to be updated.

Phone Number: +1-631-777-3487


Note: Please provide valid business licenses / documents for every address you ship to. The documents submitted must list your DBA and the name listed on the sign of your storefront.

Note: Average approval time is 1-2 weeks from the time documents are submitted.

Note: Please provide all business documents required by your state.