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Honeycomb Bong Pipes

Honeycomb Bong Pipes

Honeycomb Bong Pipes

Bongs are a classic type of water pipe. Some of the best bongs are made out of glass but can also be made with plenty of other materials, including silicone, rubber, wood, acrylic, and almost everything else you might be able to think of.

Bongs come with an open-end used as a mouthpiece. They have a hole in the body used to place the bowl. The bowl is meant to be packed with the smoking material of choice and lit with fire while inhaling on end with the mouthpiece.

Bong Pipes come in as many different designs as you’re able to imagine, and some of them come with percolators, extra chambers, and other innovations that manufacturers can come up with. The design possibilities with bong pipes are pretty much endless.

The honeycomb bong design is a percolator bong that includes a disc in the middle of the piece, halfway between the body and the mouthpiece. Like bongs, percolators can come in many different designs. In this case, the perc comes in the shape of a disc with a honeycomb design. Often, honeycomb bongs come with two discs. The goal of a percolator is to filter the smoke from any plant material or residue and cool it down before it reaches the mouth.

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