Flavored Blunt Wraps Wholesale

Blunts are a thicker, more extended version of the traditional cigarette or joint, and they are usually rolled using tobacco leaves. Blunts traditionally come with a specific amount of tobacco and nicotine, but lately, the smoking community has been looking for ways to stay away from nicotine and tobacco without quitting smoking entirely. This has been accomplished with hemp-based blunt wraps that include 0% trace of tobacco or nicotine.

Blunt wraps are tobacco leaves, leaves from other plants, or other alternatives that can be used to roll a bigger, thicker cigar.  But blunt wraps no longer have to taste like the plant from which they’re sourced. Flavored blunt wraps are infused with delicious flavorings and scents that make the whole smoking experience a lot more pleasant. 

Using a flavored blunt wrap is similar to any rolling paper, but it usually takes more time to seal a blunt wrap than a standard rolling paper properly. Cigar glue may come in handy when using a blunt wrap as it is a more potent adhesive than saliva.

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