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Pure Hemp Supply

Pure Hemp Supply

Pure Hemp Supply

Pure Hemp Supply is a Colorado Springs-based company specializing in the cultivation of industrial hemp, the extraction of hemp oil and the production of cannabidiol (CBD) products — committed to quality and excellence in all we do.

Pure Hemp Supply was started by our Founder, Jannie Richardson. Jannie was looking for ways to relieve ailments and health conditions without having to rely on the pharmaceutical companies.

In 2016, Jannie opened Green Mart Hemp, the parent company of Pure Hemp Supply, and then used the same passion that drove her to develop and manage multiple properties to research, develop, and then produce the purest high-quality hemp and CBD products.

Green Mart Hemp and Pure Hemp Supply handles every step of the process — "from soil to oil" — using organic farming practices and state of the art equipment to produce the best quality possible from start to finish. This also allows us to control costs so that our customers can access quality hemp and CBD products for a realistic price.

Green Mart Hemp was initiated with only 50 acres in 2016 and now in 2020, we have over 400 acres of hemp growing. Our crops grow throughout 5 farms in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. All of our plants are fed by Rocky Mountain water and sunlight.

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