Fruit Snaxx Vape Liquid

With a focus on creating sweet candy flavors, Fruit Snaxx Vape Liquid, the new line of E&B flavor, a vape juice manufacturer with more than 20+ varieties of vape juice, is quickly leaving its mark on the vape business. Although for now there is only one flavor of the product line, it speaks volumes of the flavors that are to come.

  • Comes in three nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
  • Comes in a 60ml bottle
  • Available in both traditional nicotine and nicotine salts
  • Made in the United States

Let your customers enjoy Grapes, a flavor that takes this classic fruit and puts it on its head, by combining it with chewy candies, giving you the best of both worlds, a fruity experience with the softness of chewable candies. If you’re looking for a brand new grape flavor to add to your store look no further than this product that comes in both nicotine salts and traditional nicotine.