Wooden Spoon Pipes Wholesale

Spoon Pipes are the most traditional pipe style, especially among cannabis consumers. Spoon pipes are designed as a single-piece unit composed of a small horizontal bowl, a mouthpiece, and a long body through which the smoke travels from one end to another. Spoon Pipes are called that way because the design they follow is similar to that of a spoon. Spoon Pipes come in various designs and materials, including wood, glass, silicone, and metal.

The wooden spoon pipe is a bit more difficult to find than a wooden Sherlock Pipe because the standard is usually glass. That said, most of the wooden spoon pipes in the market are made using two materials. Wooden spoon pipes might look nice, but they’re not the most functional products if not paired with glass.

Spoons are easy to use. Consumers must grind their smoking material, pack the bowl, light it, and inhale the smoke through the opposite end. The spoon pipe has a simple design and is probably the most used among regular consumers.

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