Glass Sherlock Pipes Wholesale

As you might suspect, Sherlock Pipes are called this way because they carry the traditional saxophone pipe design. Only now can Sherlock Pipes be used with more smoking materials than just tobacco. Sherlock pipes vary in size and material build. While the first Sherlock Pipe was probably made from wood, now users can find them in glass, silicone, wood, and metal designs. The bowl on the Sherlock Pipe is usually medium to large, and the length of the piece allows the air to cool down before reaching the user’s lips.

 The functionality of Sherlock Pipes is the same as that of any other pipe design in the market. The bowl must be tightly packed with ground smoking material and lit while inhaling from the mouthpiece end.

Sherlock Pipes are a sought-after product by many smokers because they provide smooth, cool hits and come in a wide variety of designs. Glass Sherlock Pipes being the format that provides the broadest range of designs and colors.

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