WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Glass Blunt Pipes

Glass Blunt Pipes

Glass Blunt Pipes

Blunt Pipes are portable pipes that emulate the shape of a real blunt but are made from durable material that makes them reusable. Some blunt pipes are built with vertical bowls packed through the opposite end of the mouthpiece as if they were pre-rolled cones. Blunt Pipes can be built from almost any material you can think of, including metal, silicone, wood, but predominantly glass.

Glass Blunt Pipes are the most commonly produced products because they are easy to maintain and provide smooth hits. Glass blunt pipes also allow the user to see how far down the material they have burned through as they smoke.

Blunt pipes are characterized by an extendable mouthpiece that allows you to load the pipe with as much material as a normal blunt and push forward to eject the ash residue. Blunt pipes are designed to simulate a blunt without rolling, but their functionality is that of any other pipe. Users are required to pack the bowl, light, and inhale to get a smooth hit without having to limit their pipe hit to a smaller-sized bowl.

At Vape Ranger, you’ll find glass blunt pipe wholesale pricing from a wide variety of brands and designs.

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