Glass Chillum Pipes Wholesale

Chillum Pipes are an affordable and easy-to-use style of pipe. Chillums are known for not including a carb in their design and the straight-shaft design connecting the bowl with the mouthpiece. Chillum pipes are also usually small and pocket-sized for easy transportation. While chillum pipes can seem similar to one hitter pipes, they differ in that they typically have a giant bowl, are more expansive in diameter through the shaft, and come in a large variety of designs. Chillum pipes are the type of pipe you think of as ‘trippy.’ Glass Chillum Pipes being the ones that vary the most in design.

Chillum pipes can be used like any other pipe. Consumers are only required to pack the pipe bowl with their smoking material of choice and inhale while lighting it. 

Chillum Pipes are known for being an easy-to-use device you can carry anywhere. The Chillum pipe delivers potent drags and a great variety of designs. For which you’ll be able to find plenty at Vape Ranger. Not to mention our glass chillum pipe wholesale prices that few others can only match.