WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Compatible Pods For Your JUUL Device

Are you looking for some thing new to vape with your JUUL Device?  How about some JUUL Compatible Pods?  We now carry a bunch of different JUUL Compatible pods in fruit, menthol, candy, custard, tobacco, cereal, and so much more!

Take a look below at products from a dozen or so Juul compatible pod brands!

4X Pods:
The 4x Pods have 1ml ejuice compared to JUUL's .07ml pods, so you get an extra 1.2ml per pack  - like one additional pod!

Caesar Pods:
Caesar Pods are a great alternative to the traditional Juul Vapor pods. They come in 10+ varieties.

Cali Pods:
Cali Pods are an inexpensive alternative to the standard Juul pod, and they contain .3mL more vape juice per pod!

Eonsmoke Pods:
Eonsmoke Pods are an exciting way of livening up the flavors available for your Juul device.

Loon Pods:
You will notice that the Loon Pods come in 5-Packs for about the same price as the Juul "original" pods do Therefore, you are getting an extra pod for the price. 

Plus Pods:
Plus Pods contain 1ml ejuice compared to the Juul .07ml pods, giving you an extra .03ml per pod, or 1.2ml per pack.  You are getting an extra pod per pack and they have some great fruit flavors too!

Pop Pods:
Are you tired of the same ol' Juul flavors? We have a solution that pops! Our Pop Pods come in a variety of flavors... more than a dozen!

Puff Pods:
Puff Pods are a fantastic alternative to the traditional Juul Vapor Pods that are available. Puff Pods come in more than a dozen different flavors!

PuR Pods:
PuR Pods are brought to you by Liquid EFX. They are 50mg high quality pods made with premium e-juice from California. They come in 4-Pod packs.

Sea100 Pods:
Sea100 Pods have become one of the most popular Juul compatible pods brands on the market to date.  Some really GREAT flavors!

Salteez Pods:
Salteez Pods offer the best vape flavors from award winning e-liquids in 5.5% strength. Each pack contains four pods.

Sodium Pods:
Sodium Pods are bursting with flavors and come in a huge variety of 14 different products. Each pack contains four 1ml pods.

SixT Pods:
Tired of the same old JUUL Pod flavors? Try something new. These SixT Pods offer a whole rainbow of new, fantastic flavors for your JUUL device.

The Jones Pods:
The Jones Pods are designed as a healthier alternative for adults, and have focused on every detail to provide the absolute best vaping experience possible!

Ultra Max Pods:
Satisfy your taste buds to the Max, Ultra Max!  Now available with six exciting new flavors.

Viv Pods:
With the Viv Pods, you get an extra .3ml with each pod, giving you an extra 1.2ml per pack - like getting another pod free.

VQ Pods:
The VQ Pods come in eight exciting flavors, including strawberry milk, super berry, wild cherry, raspberry sweet tea, grape soda, peach, and watermelon ice.

Zalt Pods:
The absolute cheapest prefilled pods on the market! Award-winning flavors in Compatible Pods for the best hit you can get.

Ziip Pods:
Ziip Pods are Juul-compatible pods that come in 4-packs like Juul pods, but come with 1mL of nic salt eJuice in each pod.


JUUL is a registered trademark of JUUL Labs, Inc.
These pods are not affiliated with or endorsed by JUUL or JUUL Labs in any way.

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JUUL Mint Pods [5% Nic]

Juul Vapor

Our JUULsalts E-Liquid contains nicotine salts found in the tobacco leaf, rather than free-base nicotine used in most E-Cigarettes and vaporizers. ...

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Compatible Pods For Your JUUL Device & 2500 Vape Juice, e-Juice & e-Liquid Brands

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