Breeze Smoke Disposable Vape Pen

With the Breeze smoke disposable vape switching to vaping is a breeze. With fourteen different flavors to choose from that include Blueberry Lemon, Cola Mint, Strawberry Cream, and Peach Mango among others your customers have a wide selection to choose from. Small sized and compact it’s perfect for travel.

  • Only available in a 10 pack
  • Contains 50mg of nicotine salts
  • Holds approximately 800+ puffs
  • Has an integrated 650mAh battery

With draw activated technology all your customers have to do is inhale to turn on the device. And with a generous battery of 650mAh your clientele will have a vape that will last them for a couple of days. With no charging or refilling, this is the easy on the go solution, for anyone looking for a disposable vape that will make switching to vaping a breeze.

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