Washington State Cracks Down on “Organic” Eliquid Claims

As the competition heats up among eliquid companies, some brands are trying new tactics to draw attention to their products. It can quickly become a slippery slope as companies use more and more outrageous claims and questionable descriptions. With regulations looming and lawmakers cracking down on vaping, it’s risky to call any eliquid “natural” or “organic” without proof to back those claims.

This week, the Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against one eliquid company, alleging that its labels are deceptive and the health claims are unproven. Alchemy e-Lixers markets their line of liquids as organic, but the Attorney General said they are not certified and therefore, cannot use that label. The Attorney General’s office also required two other companies, Jai Mundai and Orb Vapor, to change their labeling and remove claims that the eliquids were organic.

Bob Ferguson, Washington’s current Attorney General, believes companies have a responsibility to present their products in an honest way. “Washington consumers have a right to expect product labels to be truthful,” he said.

Alchemy e-Lixirs offers a whole line of eliquids that they label as 100 percent organic. These products are promoted as “safe” and “healthy”, but Ferguson said the claims are misleading. While some of the ingredients used in Alchemy liquids are indeed organic, not all of them are. The company also neglected to get an official organic certification, a huge problem since state laws mandate you must be certified before any product can be labeled as “organic”.

Ferguson is also pushing state lawmakers to increase regulation on vaping products. He recently partnered with Gov. Jay Inslee to introduce a new legislation that would essentially treat all vaping devices as tobacco products. The Attorney General’s biggest concern is the nicotine content in eliquids. “Nicotine, which e-cigarettes often use as a delivery device, is a highly addictive drug – as addictive as heroin and cocaine – and harmful to adolescent and young adult brain development,” Ferguson said.

Until the FDA makes a final move to regulate vaping, legislation remains in the hands of state and local officials. Do you think the Attorney General is taking things too far by suing Alchemy? Should eliquid companies avoid the “organic” label?

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