Unanswered Questions Loom After Exploding Vape Leaves Man With Broken Neck

One minute 29-year-old Cordero Caples was vaping during a work break and the next, he was on the ground with severe injuries. Officials report that the vape exploded, leaving Cordero with a broken neck, missing teeth, and horrific burns. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an emergency spinal surgery. Cordero’s sister said he was nearly paralyzed from injuries, but thanks to the doctor’s quick response, he is now in stable condition.

Before the surgery, Cordero was in complete pain. His sister said he was shocked that his vape had exploded. “If he knew that he was dealing with something that would explode on him, he definitely wouldn’t have put himself in that situation,” she said.

Prior to the accident, Cordero dreamed of becoming a fitness trainer, but now that might not be possible. “It’s devastating to see a healthy man with all his strength be put in a position where he can possibly be paralyzed from an e-cig,” his sister said.

This is certainly not the first vape explosion, but it’s definitely the most severe. The US Fire Administration said faulty batteries are the root cause of the explosions. “E-cigarette manufacturers should consider changing to a different style of electrical connection,” a study said. “The inclusion of protection circuits into the e-cigarette device would improve battery safety.”

Concerned vapers have asked what kind of ecig Cordero was using. The remnants were sent to the hospital where officials reported he was using a Kangertech model, made in China. But photos of the recovered mod have left some vapers asking questions. The mod itself appears to be completely intact and looks like a Steampunk clone. Strangely, there are no burn marks on the mod, which is not typical for an exploding battery. Other than missing glass, nothing else seems damaged and even the coil appears to remain in tact.

exploding mod pic

So far, we have more questions than answers in this case. Taylor Moore, manager of Soo Vape, theorized that Cordero was using an unregulated device. “The unregulated devices are the ones that could be viewed as the most potentially dangerous,” he explained. Still, Moore said these explosions are extremely rare and the best way to prevent them is to choose your vaping devices carefully. “Short circuit protection, low voltage protection, low resistance protection, and all that is to keep the user safe,” he said.

Do you worry about vape explosions? What’s your take on this accident?

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