UK Physicians State That Vaping Saves Lives

Health officials in the United Kingdom may have added fuel to the fire of controversy surrounding vaping by stating that the devices may be saving lives. While opponents of vaping warn of vape devices leading to smoking real tobacco cigarettes, now the formidable Royal College of Physicians has stated that vape devices are actually doing just the opposite.

The RCP study re-iterates a point that has been known by medical science for quite some time: Nicotine itself is not particularly harmful. The study refers to vape devices as a non-tobacco nicotine product, and states that vape devices contain far less and less potent toxins than tobacco cigarettes. The report further states that use of vaping devices is unlikely to cause long-term harm of any significance. The RCP admits that it is possible that vape use might have harmful effects that are not yet known, but the harm vaping might cause after long term use is likely to be significantly less than the harm that is known to be caused by smoking tobacco.

Because of these findings, RCP states that the use of vaping products in Britain is likely to “generate significant health gains” in the country and should be supported by the government.

The RCP first reported on the serious dangers of tobacco cigarettes in 1962, two years before the United States Attorney General issued a similar report. The current RCP findings come after last year’s report from Public Health England, which called vape devices “around 95% safer” than tobacco cigarettes.

As for vaping opponents who worry that vaping will “normalize” smoking and increase the use of tobacco cigarettes, data from England over the past several years has shown no evidence to support this. Smoking rates in the nation are dropping as vaping rates are increasing. The RCP further states that vape use is almost entirely by former or current smokers, with very few non-smokers taking up the vaping habit.

It should also be noted, that while these studies focus on nicotine and nicotine delivery systems: smoke vs. inhaled vapor, not all vaping products contain nicotine. The vapor of a vaping device is produced by a combination of heat and liquid, and while much of the liquid on the market and in pre-packaged e-cigarettes does contain nicotine, non-nicotine e-liquid and pre-packaged cartridges are widely available for purchase.

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