Thieves Target Colorado Vape Stores

Vape shops are really taking off in Colorado, but as business grows so does the risk for theft. Today’s electronic cigarettes are much more advanced and many models cost hundreds of dollars. This make the vaping gear a prime target for money-hungry burglars looking to make a quick buck at pawn shops. Several ecig stores in Aurora recently spoke out about the growing problem with vape store break-ins.

Perfect Alternatives is one of the most popular vape stores in Aurora with a casual, modern atmosphere where curious smokers and devoted vapers can sample e-liquids and buy high end mods. On Monday, owner J.R. Robinson arrived to open up the store and found that the door had been smashed in. When he entered the store, he realized that his cash registers were missing along with some really expensive ecig equipment.

After viewing the surveillance video, Robinson knew that the high end mods were the real target from the moment the burglars entered the store. “You can tell by the video footage that they knew what they were looking for,” he said. The video revealed two people breaking in at 2:30 AM on Monday. They had hoods covering their faces so their identity is still unknown. The footage shows them taking around 24 ecigs and hundreds of vials of e-liquid. The total loss reached almost $10,000 in merchandise.

Robinson said he isn’t the first store owner to have this problem. There has been an ongoing string of burglaries at ecig shops and vaping lounges around the region. He believes it is because ecigs are really growing in value now that more people understand the benefits. “They’re expensive; some of them they can run as low as $20 all the way up to hundreds… They went straight for my good stuff of course,” he said.

Only a short drive away, another vape store was robbed on August 5. Smooth Vapes lost thousands of dollars of inventory in the burglary and the store suffered significant damage according to owner Josh Turley. Aurora police told reporters that they are aware of the break-in trend at vape shops and would continue to monitor the situation.

Have vape shops been targeted by robbers in your city?

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