Teacher Walks Away from Classroom to Launch Her Own Ecig Line

Victoria Sylvestre enjoyed a fulfilling career as a teacher at Carrboro High School, but her main goal has always been to help people. That’s why she eventually walked away from the classroom and decided to launch her own line of electronic cigarettes. Eventually, her startup turned into a successful business with five stores scattered across North Carolina. Now instead of being known as the local art teacher, she’s known simply as “The Vapor Girl”.

Sylvestre remembers well how she first discovered ecigs. She was working as an art teacher and her husband was working from home as an artist while caring for their three sons. She had a major tobacco addiction, smoking two packs a day when she wasn’t teaching and around a pack a day on school days. In late 2011, she decided to try ecigs to help her stop smoking. She instantly enjoyed vaping, but she wasn’t completely satisfied with the ecig or the eliquids she found online. That is what started her search for something better and “The Vapor Girl” was born.

The business was first limited to online while Sylvestre got some initial experience. She struggled through some initial challenges like securing credit card vendors and operating the business from her home. “Initially, I would run out into the living room, like ‘Got another sale!’” she remembers.

In 2012, Sylvestre decided to walk away from teaching for good and she focused all her energy on “The Vapor Girl”. Her husband also managed to quit smoking using ecigs and he began working with her to promote their business. Eventually, they converted their garage into an office and hired their first employee. Then in 2014, they opened their first production facility and vape shop. Since then, business has steadily increased with Sylvestre now owning five shops and overseeing a major online presence.

“I’m helping people,” she explained. “It goes completely and utterly along with everything I have worked for my entire life – to help people.”

Sylvestre is certainly an inspiration to many vapers around the country! Her success story proves once again that vaping is a great bridge to a tobacco free life.

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